No, I Don’t Want to Dance!

Andrea Vinciguerra
Italy, UK, 2019 / 2’39

In these dark times, you may think that every hazard has been identified, but nobody has taken into consideration how dangerous dance can be…

Direction: Andrea Vinciguerra
Script: Andrea Vinciguerra
Animators: Tim Allen, Will Hodge
Editing: Andrea Vinciguerra
Soundtrack: Pietro Ventimiglia
Production: Georgie Beattie, Andrea Vinciguerra
Technique used: 2D animation, live action, stop motion


Andrea Vinciguerra

Andrea Vinciguerra is an Italian film director working in London in advertising and mixed media short contents. A musician and visual maker, from a young age, his work has been characterised by playful energy and bold, colourful aesthetics peppered with humorous twists (often dark) that come from recognisable motifs in fresh situations. Sky Arts Italy included him, in 2016, on a TV show programme called I am about the most promising Italian talent working abroad. In the last few years, Andrea has directed films for clients such as Channel 4, Royal Bank of Scotland, and music videos for major labels such as Ultra Records and Sony Music. His first two short films have collected awards and official selections from a multitude of film festivals around the world, including New Orleans Film Festivals, Encounters Film Festival, Interfilm Berlin, and London Short Film Festival. Andrea is currently developing a pilot for a 2d animated Tv series and a new live action short film.

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