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    Night train | Treno notturno

    Sofia Gutman
    France | 2021 | 3’24 No dialogues

    A young woman is returning from work on the night train. She is taking the big TER train to the outskirts of the city. Lonely, she looks out into the deserted landscape. A chance encounter will make this night memorable.

    Direction: Sofia Gutman
    Post production and color grading: Patrick Anguenot
    DOP: Jacques Collin
    Music compositor: Ninh Lê Quan
    Music mix: Cyril Cole
    Production: Sur la table

    Sofia Gutman

    Sofia Gutman is a filmmaker from Jerusalem, Israel, working in Paris. Directing both animation and live action films. She worked as director and story board artist for enterprises such as UNESCO Paris and The Cité of Science and Industry Museum in Paris and Nebularts productions and La belle affaire productions. Graduated from Bezalel academy of arts and design in Jerusalem. During a student exchange program she studied at the School of Decorative Arts (ENSAD Paris). She has received the rising star award in Canada’s international film festival, the Snunit film prize from the second television channel in Israel. Sofia’s film NIGHT TRAIN won the innovation award at Go Debut European film festival and was selected to the national film festival in Rennes, France.