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Bassem Ben Brahim
Tunisia | 2022 | 10’30 v.o. sott. ENG/ITA

Between reality and animation, the story of Nidhal is told, a young homosexual Tunisian who defended individual freedoms in Tunisia through his work in radio. He found himself under a lot of pressure which forced him to leave the country and seek asylum in the Netherlands.

Direction: Bassem Ben Brahim
Screenplay: Bassem Ben Brahim
Animation: Ala Eddine Jelassi
Sound Design: Saber Gueblaoui
Production: Nada Mezni Hfaiedh

Bassem Ben Brahim

Graduated in image design, Higher Institute of Fine Arts, Nabeul Tunisia, got his Master in editing from the school of audio visual and cinema Gammart ESAC and he is doing his master of research in the same school. He has directed two animated films: Chromophobia and The red fish in 2019 around the issue of gender and sexuality. Co-founder of GenderBetounsi or LGBTbetounsi Project, a project on gender culture through the art of animation, painting.