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text edited by Giulia Calì

18 – 22 July 2018
Villa Cattolica, Museo Guttuso, Bagheria, Italy

Nothing dies, believe me, in the world as a whole
But only changes its looks. What we call birth
Is a new beginning of what was before,  
As death is an ending of a former state.
Although, that over there maybe transferred here,
And this over there, the sum remains constant.
I do believe that nothing lasts for long in the same form.
(P. Ovidio Nasone, Metamorfosi, Pitagora XV)
(Translated by S. Lombardo)

Mutatis is a panorama on the works of the latest talented generation of animators just graduated from the ISIA in Urbino, it’s the most important public institution at University level for teaching communication graphic and editorial design in Italy.  Animaphix presents, in collaboration with Studio Pica and Ciciri Festival, an exhibition of the illustrated plates of the short films by seven young animators, the path of which will end in a video installation where loss of identity and transformation become the key to the magic and visionary world of the artists. In a continuous mutation of forms, from dancing to theatre, from truth to magic, daily joys and fears emerge, but also unspeakable secrets with an esoteric flavour. The metamorphosis is the place of movement, where the unpredictable happens, where nothing is real but everything is covered with incredible wonder. Mutatis is a tale of vivid images, a mythology of the present, a plunge into the meanders of the human mind, to be lived in a moment of intoxicating estrangement from reality.


Daniela Berti / Italy 2018 / 3’04 / Isia Urbino

Macula is a short film inspired by Dario Fo’s Mistero Buffo and the theater of the absurd. The main character is a jester who, through his gaze, gives us a new and particular vision of everyday life: a dialogue between theater and animation, where there is a continuous exchange between the actor’s body and the viewer’s gaze.

Animation: Daniela Berti
Music: Paolo Forte and Daniela Berti
Screenplay: Francesca Mignemi and Daniela Berti
Technique: mixed

Fiori di tarassaco

Giulia Conoscenti / Italy 2017 / 4’42 / Isia Urbino

“Fiori di tarassaco” deals with the theme of migration and the loss of identity of those who leave their country. A journey, more interior than physical, of young people who metaphorically bring to mind those flowers that bloom in spring from a plant that grows everywhere, even in unfavorable conditions and without any care. Like the dandelion flowers, the young migrants too have no awareness of departure, no free decision to separate from their land to embark on a perilous journey, at the mercy of the winds, with no chance to change direction or reverse course. Finally, in analogy to the etymological meaning of dandelion (from the Greek tarakè “bewilderment” and àkos “remedy”), young migrants, having arrived in a foreign country, also suffer from an inner chaos, a loss of identity to which they want to find a cure in order to rediscover themselves and live, as renewed individuals, in the new conditions.

Animation: Giulia Conoscenti
Music: Moses Concas
Technique: mixed


Ilaria Di Emidio / Italy 2018 / 01’50 / Isia Urbino

Teramo’s cemetery is inhabited by an array of magical creatures, wandering the corridors like beautiful women on a fine fashion runway; the humid environment has evaporated these little spirits who revel together as a beautiful, sweet family.

Animation: Ilaria Di Emidio
Music: Blotto 667
Technique: mixed

Asino blu papera bianca

Jessica Adamo / Italy 2018 / 1’/ Isia Urbino

The short film is inspired by some scenes from the film “Black Cat White Cat” by Emir Kusturica, transforming the characters, in a scene bordering on the absurd.

Animation: Jessica Adamo
Technique: acrylics and pastels

Vestida de fuego

Naida Mazzenga / Italy 2016 / 1’/ Isia Urbino

A psychedelic journey that evolves to the rhythm of music. A type of exploration and interpretation of sound involving the four natural elements: water, earth, fire and air.

Animation: Naida Mazzenga
Music: Bear Bones, Lay Low
Technique: acrylics and wax crayons

Coconut groove

Paola Momenté / Italy 2016 / 1’20 / Isia Urbino

Palm trees, skaters and pink skies, Coconut Groove is an animated video set on a hypothetical California beach. Let this groove get you to move, it’s alright!

Animation: Paola Momenté
Music: Gianluca Herbertson
Technique: acrylics and pastels


Sofia Buti / Italy 2018 / 00:45 / Isia Urbino

The bustling dances of paradise birds are mysterious and mesmerizing. These birds transform, moving until they captivate you with their sharp looks and bright colors.

Animation: Sofia Buti
Music: Ninos du Brasil
Technique: markers