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Mondo Domino

France | 2021 | 6’15

In a deafening noise of chainsaws, lumberjacks happily hum as they cut down trees to be used as decor for a fashion show. A contemporary cartoon satire, in the form of a burlesque action musical tragicomedy, leads us into a delirious whirlwind of chain reactions as chaotic as they are grotesque…

Director: Suki
Writer: Stéphane Debureau, Suki
Producer: UTOPIA
Music: Jean-Philippe Gréau
Animation: Gabriel Jacques, Suki


Born in 1977, Suki has self-produced 98 animated short films which have been selected at Annecy, Dresden, Brooklyn, among others. In 2013, N’Djekoh was selected at Annecy and was included in The New Faces of French Animation program the following year. In 2021 Mondo Domino was released, produced by Utopi, which he co-founded, and which was co-produced by Arte and Pictanovo.