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    Metamorphosis | Metamorfosi

    Michele Fasano
    Italy | 2022 | 106’00

    Inspired by “The Conference of Birds” by Farid al-Din ‘Attar, the film tells of a flock of birds that travels in the wake of Hoopoe, towards the Mountain of Kafh, home of King Simourgh, who can give all the answers to their requests. Between dream and reality, the birds cross the 7 Valleys. Most get lost along the way, except for the 4 of them who will live the experience of as many real human characters: Monika (Albania), Abdurrahman (Turkey), Jihad (Syria) and Susan (Israel).

    Direction, script: Michele Fasano
    Art direction, character design: Elena Brighittini
    Animation supervisor: Francesco Filippi
    Editing, color correction: Donato Casale
    Music: Roberto Salahaddin Re David
    Production: SATTVA FILMS srl

    Michele Fasano

    Michele Fasano, director and independent film producer (SATTVA FILMS production and school srl). He produced the animated medium-length film «MANI ROSSE / RED HANDS» by Francesco Filippi (30 min., 2018), selected in 92 festivals in 30 countries, winner of 32 awards and the animated feature film METAMORPHOSIS (106 min., 2022), directed by him.