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Michele Bernardi / Italy 2018 / 10’ / national preview

Through the passions that bind him to childhood, a young man manages to accept the inevitable rules of the human condition. In this way, he escapes the physical and mental alienation of the fascist dictatorship and gains absolute freedom.

Direction: Michele Bernardi
Script: Michele Bernardi
Animator: Michele Bernardi
Editing: Michele Bernardi
Soundtrack: Luca D’Alberto
Production: Indipendente
Director: Michele Bernardi
Technique used: digital 2d

Michele Bernardi
Michele Bernardi, originally from Finale Emilia, collaborated in the 1980s on animated television series, including Altan’s La pimpa and Osvaldo Cavandoli’s La Linea; he went on to create animated television theme songs for companies such as Barilla, Ikea and Pomellato; in the 1990s he began confronting technological changes and experimenting with new modes of representation, making video clips for contemporary artists such as Le Luci della Centrale Elettrica, Colapesce, Punkreas, 24 Grana, Prozac, The Zen Circus and others, also beginning a fertile collaboration with Davide Toffolo, frontman of the band Tre allegri ragazzi morti.