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Mediterranean Landscape

Christiana Ioannou
Cyprus 2021/ 6’40”

This handmade silent film is a sociopolitical satire of our everyday life in Cyprus. Pentadaktylos, the legendary mountain, is going for a stroll at the Greek-Cypriot side of the island only to get crushed by ugly tall buildings that come in its way. In this imaginary and comical journey I try to show the impossible. A mountain that impatiently now is seeking its people, and suddenly breaks free. The tall buildings, as social indifference, vanity and bad taste, tear the mountain down and throw it to infinity. The figures that resemble and compose Pentadaktylos are the Cypriot people who are lost along with their tradition but also with everything that they already lost. Mediterranean Landscape is made out of old and new postcards, photographs, fabrics and found film strips which were turned into ‘landscape strips’ through leaf and flower gluing and traditional pattern drawing.

Direction, Animation, Production: Christiana Ioannou

Christiana Ioannou

Was born in 1991 in Nicosia. Her work, research and practice derives from experimental, handmade and ethnographic cinema.  She has a Bachelor’s degree in Scenography from Nottingham Trent University (2010-13) and a Master’s degree in Performance Design (Dramaturgy) from Central Saint Martins in London (2013-15). She has worked as a freelancer in the field of Performing Arts until 2017. In 2017 she established Cyprus Contemporary Film Centre, a cinema platform dedicated to experimental and alternative films through thematic screenings. In 2018 she was appointed programme curator in Images and Views of Alternative Cinema.