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Talk Martina Scarpelli

She was born in Rome in 1988. After studying at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera she graduated at the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia, making Cosmoetico as a diploma film, which has received awards at several International festivals. Already member of Animation Sans Frontières in the development and production of animated projects, in 2018, after moving to Viborg, Denmark, she created the short film Egg, for which she has received important awards at dozens of festivals around the world. She currently resides in Viborg and, after the recent making of the music video Kai – a little too much, is now working on the script and realization of Psychomachia, a feature film in the form of an animated Opera.

Italy, 2015 / 4’46

What was it like before the Universe was born? Does reality exist only because we perceive it? A girl tries to give an answer to this big dilemma. In doing so, she imagines that she can  empty the universe to get to the smallest part of the cosmos. Thus she finds herself, alone like the smallest part of the universe, a dot. Faced with this last part of the world, she is forced to choose whether to consider herself as part of the Cosmos. Or as its creator. Looking at this small dot, she stops and asks herself: will I be able to destroy myself? Or will I destroy the universe?

Direction, Screenplay, Graphic Design, Animation: Martina Scarpelli
Music: Amos Cappuccio
Sound design: Paolo Armao, Vito Martinelli – Zero DB Studio Torino
Production: Fondazione centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia, Dipartimento Animazione, Sede del Piemonte