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Radostina Neykova
Bulgaria | 2020 | 5’

Sometimes, if you want to become a hero, you just have to fly. Innovative animation through handmade embroidery.

Director: Radostina Neykova
Screenplay: Radostina Neykova and Hanna Schwartz
Art directing: Radostina Neykova
Music: Petko Manchev
Animation: Radostina Neykova, Eva Gerogieva
Camera man: Blagoy Kostov
Producer: Korund X with the support of Bulgarian National film center

Radostina Neykova

Radostina Neykova graduated from the National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts Kr. Sarafov, with an MFA in Film Studies and Animation Directing. She is Assoc. Professor, PhD in the Institute of Arts Studies at the Bulgarian Academy of Science. Radostina Neykova teaches Dramaturgy of animated films and Animation techniques at the National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts Kr. Sarafov. Radostina is the director of the award winning animated shorts Ugly Fairy Tale (2018), Grumpy does repairs (2015), Trip (2011). She is also an illustrator of children’s books and has had solo exhibitions, Children’s illustration, in Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia, Russia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. She holds Animation workshops in Bulgaria, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Russia, Portugal, Italy, Brazil, Macedonia and Germany. Radostina Neykova is a member of the Union of Bulgarian Film Makers, Animation Guild; ASIFA and ASIFA Workshop Group, the Union of Bulgarian Journalists – Film Section; the Association of Bulgarian professors and associate professors in cinema Akademika 21 and Member of the board of directors of the Bulgarian Association of Film, Television and Radio scriptwriters – BAFTA.