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Frank Mukunday, Tétshim – Congo, Belgio, 2019 / 10′

Grazie all’abitudine e alla forza delle macchine, siamo diventati creature sonnambule e dimenticate da Dio, cavie della storia e delle macchine.

Direction: Tétshim et Frank Mukunday
Script: Tétshim et Frank Mukunday
Animators: Tétshim et Frank Mukunday
Editing: Frank Mukunday, Caroline Nugues-Bourchat
Soundtrack: Francesco Nchikala
Production: Picha et Twenty Nine Studio & Production
Technique used: Stop motion




Frank Mukunday, Tétshim

A graduate in Communication from the University of Lubumbashi, Trésor Thibangu, known as Tétshim, has worked since the 1990s as an illustrator and caricaturist for local newspapers (press and television). At the same time, he developed his talents as a cartoonist and began publishing in 2000. In 2008, he won the jury prize at the sixteenth edition of Lyon’s comics festival. Since childhood, Frank Mukunday has been helping his father in his photographic studio. He decided to study photography to continue working with the visual language of his times. Soon, he moved towards video and editing. Together,  Frank and Tétshim have been creating self-taught animated films since 2007. Starting with drawing (Tétshim) and video (Frank), the duo founded the studio Crayon de cuivre in Lubumbashi. After two experimental trials (Cailloux in 2010 and Kukinga in 2015), Machini is their first professionally produced film.