Lunakid – Bleed

Igor Imhoff
Italy, 2019 / 4’40 / national preview

Ever since man can remember, civilizations have been born, have evolved and died in an incessant cycle. The repetition of gestures is repeated obsessively in the constant search for an escape route, to improve a company or take possession of it, in an increasingly fragile world dominated by the same alternations. Bleed is the story of a portion of this oscillating time. From the ashes of the umpteenth fall, a civilization is reborn, distinguishing itself with its symbols, and evolves until, when it reaches its peak, everything collapses revealing the nervousness, the latent and declared violence, the consequent human, social and environmental cost of a race from the irremediable conclusion and unable to offer a real escape route.

Direction: Igor Imhoff
Script: Igor Imhoff
Animators: Igor Imhoff
Editing: Igor Imhoff
Soundtrack: lunakid
Production:  soulpunx
Technique used: drawing and traditional animation with artificial intelligence software


Igor Imhoff

Born and raised in an 8-bit world, he studied by producing and designing video games to then move on to other forms of expression, not only digital. The obsession with the moving image, the methods for preserving memory, the passion for primitive symbolic and anthropological elements are combined with digital practice energetically directed towards an avant-garde taste; from animation, to interactive installation, to theatre, video mapping and virtual environments, constantly in search of a form that can “pacify” him.

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