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Luce and the Rock / Luce e la Roccia

Britt Raes
Belgium – France – Holland | 2022 | 13’00 v.o. sott. ENG/ITA

Luce lives a happy life in a peaceful little village, together with her mother and the other villagers. Every day is the same, and that’s the way everyone likes it… The only thing that scares Luce is the dark, but luckily her little lightsticks keep her safe! One day a giant Rock Creature disturbs the quiet life in the village. He destroys everyone’s house, including Luce’s! Luce is angry and determined to take the Rock Creature back to his home. But the Rock Creature might have more in common with Luce than she first thought…

Direction/Script/Screenplay/Editing: Britt Raes
Animation: David Chambolle, Jane Mangubat, Paul Vibert-Vallet & Sacha Brauner
Clean-color: Niels Dekker, Yara Henning & Tomoko Yoshida
Set: Jane Mangubat, Claire Sebring,Britt Raes
Special effects: Niels Dekker, Britt Raes
Rendering-compositing: Raf Schoenmaekers
Sound/Mix: Bram Meindersma
Music: Bram Meindersma
Production: Thuristar
Co-Production: La Cabane Productions, Studio Pupil, 
Distribution: Miyu Distribution

Britt Raes

In her work, Britt Raes appeals to the child alive in each of us. Her first professional short Catherine travelled to 200 festivals worldwide, collecting 50 prizes along the way. Besides having just completed her second professional short, Luce and the Rock, Britt is also writing a series, a special and a children’s book. Britt is now 35 years old, but when she’s home alone, sometimes she’s still a bit afraid of the dark.