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Pablo Polledri
Argentina | 2021 | 7’00 v.o. sub. ITA | Not recommended for children under 12 years of age

In this society, every human being always repeats the same action. Each inhabitant is part of the gears of a great clock, where the harmony of the system is supported by a perpetual and unalterable occurrence. In a society where every inhabitant has a specific role and performs a specific action in an eternal cycle, a couple decides to do something different.

Direction, script: Pablo Polledri
Animation: Pablo Polledri, Arkaitz del Río, Mari Carmen Cambrills
DOP: Leire Acha
Editing: Pablo Polledri
Sound design: Rafael del Campo
Music: Joseba Beristain
Production: Uniko Estudio Creativo, Pablo Polledri

Pablo Polledri

Pablo Polledri is a prolific filmmaker, who has developed a multitude of animation pieces, always working independently. Considered one of the most outstanding animators of Argentine animation, he has a very extensive filmography 20 shorts directed, as well as a multitude of commercial works for international brands. CORP, his previous 2D animated short film, obtained more than 220 selections in international festivals and more than 50 awards.