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Like and Follow

Tobias Schlage, Brent Forrest
Germany, Canada, 2019 / 2’

Like and Follow is a 3D animated short film created by Brent Forrest and Tobias Schlage. It follows the story of a little boy who can’t see anything but the screen on his smartphone. Every time he starts to understand the beauty and dangers of the world around him, his smartphone forces his attention back to the screen. The production of the film started in spring 2018 and was finished in April 2019. During 2019/2020 the film was played in festivals around the world, including Siggraph, Giffoni and Annecy.

Direction: Tobias Schlage, Brent Forrest
Script: Tobias Schlage, Brent Forrest
Animators: Tobias Schlage, Brent Forrest
Editing: Brent Forrest
Soundtrack: David Arcus
Production: Tobias Schlage, Brent Forrest
Technique used: 3D computer animation


Tobias Schlage

Brent Forrest

Tobias Schlage
Born in Hamburg, Germany. In his years as a character animator and 3D generalist he has worked in all areas of production creating extravagant visuals for film and television. He moved to Japan in 2015 to explore a new filmmaking landscape, Tobi combined both German and Japanese film making techniques to create a unique style of grounded, emotional storytelling.

Brent Forrest
Born in Montreal, Brent Forrest started his animation career at Red Rover studios in Toronto as a co-op student in 1999. There he learned the craft of animation from some of Canada’s finest draftsmen. He has won awards for both his animation and special effects work including a Gemini nomination for Main Title Design. Today he works as technical director in one of Tokyo’s top animation studios.