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Lato 2014 / Summer 2014

Wojciech Sobczyk – Poland, 2014 / 12’

Animated poetic treaty on violence regarded by the author as the main mover of history filled with plagues and misery. Another great battle results in an apocalyptic landscape where a falling man is lost.

Wojciech Sobczyk (1974). An animated film author, illustrator, photographer, and pedagogue. A graduate of the department of animation of the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków and Jerzy Kucia’s student, he works in the Animated Film Studio in Kraków. He is the author of the animated films Drabina (A Ladder, 1997), Wiosna 1999 (Spring 1999, 2000), and Lato 2014 (Summer 2014) – nominated for the European Film Award in the Best Short Film category and winner of the Grand Prix of the Animateca Festival 2015 in Ljubljana.