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La terra delle rose altee / The land of althea roses

Cecilia Cairo
Italy | 2021 | 2’04 v.o. sott. ENG

La terra delle rose altee is a short animated film freely inspired by the historical sporting events linked to the two Koreas during the table tennis championships, held in Japan in 1991. On this occasion – and for the first time since the conflict – the two countries paraded under a single flag, earning the first place in the competition. It was an event with a strong symbolic significance. The story tells the last moments of the competition, focusing in particular on one of the two players and on the events that affect her family.

Direction/Drawing/Animation: Cecilia Cairo
Music/Sound design: Edisonnoside
Production: Ind.

Cecilia Cairo

Cecilia Cairo is an Italian illustrator and graphic designer, now based in Venice. She studied at ISIA Urbino, first graduating in graphic design and visual communication and then obtaining a master degree in illustration at the same institute. Cecilia works as illustrator and graphic designer mainly in the editorial and scientific field and collaborates as illustrator in the musical sector. Her work-in-progress project “L’abominevole mistero” has been long listed for the World Illustration Awards 2022