La grande onda

Francesco Tortorella
Italy, 2019 / 15’

Calabria, mid seventies. A real slaughterhouse, 233 murders in a few years, mark the bloody rise to power of the boss Paolo De Stefano and the transformation of the ‘Ndragheta in “La Santa“ (The Saint), an extensive organization, Masonic-style, in close contact with the criminal associations from all over the world, capable of arming the armies, to own a fleet and air force of its own, and to influence politics by infiltrating into the social fabric at every level. The words of the journalist Giuseppe Fava, introduce the plot involving mafia, institutions, banks and business groups … Through his daughter Adriana, we will know the life and death of an everyday man: the engineer Gennaro Musella , brutally murdered for having reported this system. Adriana will undertake an intricate path in search of the truth about the death of her father: a face to face with the fugitive boss Paolo De Stefano.  

Direction: Francesco Tortorella
Script: Francesco Tortorella, Stefano Urbanetti
Animators: Francesco Tortorella, Fabio Frangione, Alessandro La Rosa
Editing: Gianluca Paoletti
Soundtrack: Marco Musella
Production: Francesco Tortorella, Alessandro Perrella 
Technique used: 2D and 3D animation


Francesco Tortorella

Creative mind and writer, Tortorella started his career as an illustrator and animator. He has worked as an executive director and an art director with leading brands, including Mini, MasterCard, Mercedes Benz, Apple, and Ferrari, and with international broadcasters such as Sky, Fox, Rai, and Cartoon Network. His extensive background in production includes success in multiple roles – from writing and directing – to producing animated short films, music videos, commercials, animating opening titles for many TV shows, advertising campaigns and international events. He has worked in conjunction with leading agencies and international companies, including the multi award-winning creative design and visual effects studio, Pixomondo in Beijing.

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