La Chute

Boris Labbé
Francia 2018 / 14’22’’

As celestial beings descend to Earth vitiating its population, the world’s order is thrown off balance. Initiated by these terms, a tragic fall leads to the birth of crucial opposites: Hell and Heaven’s circles.

Direction: Boris Labbé
Script: Boris Labbé
Animator  Boris Labbé, Armelle Mercat, Hugo Bravo, Capucine Latrasse
Editing: Boris Labbé
Soundtrack: Daniele Ghisi
Production: Sacrebleu Productions
Director: Boris Labbé
Technique used: Traditionnal 2D Animation

Boris Labbé

Born in 1987 in Lannemezan, France, Boris Labbé is an artist and animation film director working between France and Spain. His art comes through several forms: short films, audiovisual concerts and video installations. He has been collaborating with Sacrebleu Productions since 2013. His short film The Fall was selected in special screenings at the 57th Semaine de la Critique, Cannes Festival. In 2020, he collaborated with the choreographer Angelin Preljocaj and signed the video scenography for his Swan Lake.

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