Roman Burmakov
Belarus | 2018 | 4’49

The boy plays with his favorite toy – a wooden bird. Suddenly a cat appears and breaks the toy. At night, the little gnomes (Krasnolyudki) who live in the boy’s house, decide to fix the bird. At first everything goes well, but then…

Director, Writer: Roman Burmakov
Producer: National film studio Belarus film, Tatiana Golohova
Animation: Philip Vinogradov, Roman Burmakov
Music: Anna Semennik

Roman Burmakov

Roman Burmakov is a Belarusian artist, animator, scriptwriter and musician. After graduation from the Belarusian State Academy of Arts in 2013 where he studied animation directing, he began to collaborate with the national film studio “Belarusfilm”. Since that time he has been participating in various projects of the studio as an animator, artist and scriptwriter. In 2013-2014 Roman worked with the Belarusian human rights centre “Viasna” as an artist and animator. The animated film Krasnoludki is Roman Burmakov’s work as a film director.

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