Kaspar Jancis
Estonia, 2019 / 11’38

An old cosmonaut now lives his life in his flat, in the same way as he lived it in a space station. He still does heroic missions, and misses his close relatives. His relatives see it differently. Is this old man capable of dealing with society’s norms?

Direction: Kaspar Jancis
Script: Kaspar Jancis
Animators: Tarmo Vaarmets
Editing: Kaspar Jancis
Soundtrack: Horret Kuus
Technique used: 2D computer


Kaspar Jancis

Born on May 8, 1975 in Tallinn. He has been interested in drawing comic strips and writing stories for which he made illustrations himself since childhood. His first moving pictures came into being in the corners of his school notebooks. Later in his school years, his brother’s friend, who was a member of a film club, helped him make a short plasticine puppet animated film. This was followed by a two-year period as a working youth, which was not particularly educational, but was brimming with adventures. During that time he began working systematically with music. He has been part of the creative core of several rock groups, written song lyrics, made arrangements and created tunes. He enrolled at the Tallinn Pedagogical University in 1996. He completed his first films at that school – the silent film Dr. Maisarve and the Matshalka Case (1996) and the cutout puppet film Flight of the Little White Helicopter (1996), which was screened at rock concerts and also on television. He transferred from the Pedagogical University to the Turku Arts and Media School in Finland in 1997 to study animation under the guidance of Priit Pärn.

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