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Thomas Corriveau
Canada | 1988 | 8’15 | National preview | v.o. sott. it

Louis Vincent is found unconscious in a city park. He claims to a policewoman that he has been kidnapped. In addition to narrating the judicial investigation, the film becomes an open reflection on the power of the imagination.

Director: Thomas Corriveau
Screenplay: Thomas Corriveau
Paintings: Thomas Corriveau
Paintings assistant:
Editing: Thomas Corriveau
Animation: Thomas Corriveau
Photography: Thomas Corriveau
Cast: Jean Chalifour, Luce Busque, Hélène Major, Manon Breton, André Robitaille
Music: Les Granules (Jean Derome et René Lussier)
With the support of: Programme Explorations, Conseil des arts du Canada; Programme d’aide artisanale de l’Office national du film du Canada; Département de cinéma de l’Université Concordia de Montréal; Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal.

Thomas Corriveau
Thomas Corriveau made his first films in the 1980s and pursued a career as a visual artist, working mainly in the fields of drawing, painting and animation. His works are part of various private and public collections and he has exhibited regularly in Canada and abroad. He is a professor at the School of Visual and Media Arts at Université du Québec in Montréal. After a two-decade hiatus, he returned to animation and is now fully involved as an independent director.