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It rains / Piove

Magali Rocha Donnadieu, Carolina Corral Paredes
Mexico | 2021 | 11’21 v.o. sott. ENG/ITA

Animated documentary that tells the story of María, a mother who discovers that the Morelos Prosecutor’s Office buried her son and 115 more bodies in a hidden and irregular mass grave. María and her sister forced the government to open the grave and succeed in removing those he had buried there. Maria is guided by the rain, when it rains means that her son Oliver sends her signals that she is on the right track in her struggle to return the missing persons home.

Direction: Magali Rocha Donnadieu, Carolina Corral Paredes
Script: Carolina Corral Paredes
Animation: Animatitlan
Art design: Maria Conejo
Sound design: Carlos Cortés Navarrete
Music: Pedro “Zulu” González
Production: Amate Films

Magali Rocha Donnadieu

Carolina Corral Paredes

Magali Rocha Donnadieu
Film producer graduated from the Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica, she studied literature in Paris where she dedicated herself to the promotion of Latin American cinema. He has produced several short films with her production company AMATE FILMS, that have participated and been awarded at international festivals.

Carolina Corral Paredes
Visual anthropologist graduated from the Granada Centre for Visual Anthropology at The University of Manchester. She teaches at CIESAS. After a long academic career, Carolina became an independent filmmaker touching mainly on women struggles. All of her work has earnt prizes nationally and internationally.