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Inside / Dentro

Viktorie Štěpánová
Czech Republic | 2021 | 5’40 Italian preview v.o. sott. ENG/ITA

This animated documentary takes you right into the mind of a person dealing with anorexia. In a black and white world where everything revolves around food, there is no space for emotions.

Direction: Viktorie Štěpánová
Script: Viktorie Štěpánová, Lukáš Červený
Editing: Sebastian Kučkovský
DOP: Aleš Zůbek
Music: Dominyka Adomaityte
Production: Ondřej Šejnoha, FAMU

Viktorie Štěpánová

She is a young artist of Czech origin, based half in Prague and half in Brno. Viktorie studies animation at FAMU and has experience in commercial collaboration with various artists and institutions, such as Kvítek or Delicomat. Her illustrations and animations question the traditional aesthetic values ​​and capture the artist’s delicate view of the world and events in it.