I’ll call you later

Maria Scutaru
Romania, 2020 / 1’

What does later mean to you or your parents? Time has different definitions and implies diverse expectations, sometimes, a thin line between comparative and superlative.

Direction: Maria Scutaru
Script: Maria Scutaru
Animators: Maria Scutaru
Editing: Maria Scutaru
Soundtrack: Maria Scutaru
Production: Maria Scutaru
Technique used: 2D animation


Maria Scutaru

Maria Scutaru, born in 2004, is a student at the “Octav Băncilă” National College of Art in Iași. She began drawing elements of her family environment in watercolour and tempera, gradually trying, through her work, to give a definition of the concept of “home”. Starting from illustrations, social posters and cartoons, which have earned her national and international participations and awards, she went through successive stages which helped her become a 2D animator. My heroes used to share apples and I’ll call you later are the animated films which have been noticed by high profile festivals, highlighting the importance of the small and trivial things in everyone’s history, which, in fact, define our life, and are all expressed by light and warm colours. For her, challenges are those monsters we meet throughout our lives, whether artistic or personal, but which do not know that within us there is that individual who will bring them down.

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