Il Sembra e l’Alzolaio

Mimmo Paladino
Italia, 2013 / 10’

Mimmo Paladino as director, animation by Alessandra Selis and interpretation by Alessandro Bergonzoni. The encounter between these three artists gave birth to Il Sembra e l’Alzolaio, an animated short film produced by Ananas and Museo Ferragamo. A modern fairy tale between dreamlike and surreal, it tells us about the antique craft of the cobbler. Commissioned by the maison Ferragamo for the exhibition Ferragamo il Calzolaio, Fiabe e Leggende di Scarpe e Calzolai in Florence, the short film is realized following the style of the artist from Campania, sober and poetic, but effective in telling what this antique art represents.

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