Il Mondo di Sotto / The Underworld

Benedetta Sani
Italy 2021 / 7’04”

The divine maiden knows the inebriating flower. She discovers that the narcissus radiant beauty is due to the existence of the underground, a world below where the ground was fertilized by a buried seed. Nothing could be born without death, nothing could shine without that unknown darkness.

Story, Animation, Direction, Production: Benedetta Sani

Benedetta Sani

Benedetta Sani is an Italian animator, filmmaker and visual artist born in 1994. She studied Visual Arts and Theory of Film at the University of Bologna and Multimedia Art at Academy of Fine Arts in Urbino. Her research has developed from sculpture and photography and has moved in the direction of a specific interest in the moving image in all its forms. Especially towards animation, reuse of pre-existing film, photographic and sound material, the concept of expanded cinema. The themes explored by her works are memory, the threshold as a place of passage between life and death, the visible and the invisible.

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