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I, the Eye

Eleni Chandriotou
Cyprus 2015 / 2’21”

The eyes say what the mouth does not. After researching, thinking and experimenting, the artist created this short animation trying to understand the fundamentals of visual perception. We have a journey to make in order to create our own perception of the world around us and then to discover the world within us. The eye, which represents everyone’s eyes, unconsciously or consciously chooses what to save from the journey and with whom to interact. There is a whole universe hidden behind our eyes…

Eleni Chandriotou

Is a visual artist who works with multiple media, mainly animation, collage and drawing. She is a graduate of Fine Arts of the University of Nicosia and has been working as a freelancer for the last year. As a member of the international animation festival Animafest Cyprus, she has taken part in the organization of children’s workshops with the aim of learning and creating short animated films for children and students.