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I am Chuma / Mi chiamo Chuma

Wendy Spinks, Clea Mallinson
South Africa | 2021 | 7’35 v.o. sott. ENG/ITA

A disabled, black, lesbian woman is triggered, releasing suppressed traumas of a gang rape and brutal attacks when she connects to a state of creative “flow” by picking up a stick. The animated hybrid story of Chuma Somdaka, studying business in Cape Town, finds her living rough on a bench for 3 years. She discovers her gift of art in a transformative moment setting in motion an empowering healing journey but meets new societal challenges in her desire to remain connected to her bliss.

Direction: Wendy Spinks, Clea Mallinson
Screenplay, Editing, Animation: Wendy Spinks, Clea Mallinson
Production: Zeropoint 528

Wendy Spinks, Clea Mallinson

Wendy Spinks
She is a creator, writer, and director. As the founder of Zeropoint Studios since 2010, Wendy acts in her role as a development executive /creative producer and content strategist, for the TV, digital and animation film industry in the entertainment sector. A true polymath, with a background in human behaviour, advertising, fine arts and fashion, Wendy creates and develops content for global IP and sustainable brands aimed at multi-platforms including linear and nonlinear broadcast, VR, digital, online and social media. Wendy is responsible for creating, writing or finding and developing ideas, concepts and stories that will make successful TV Series, short films or transmedia campaigns to include games, VR and web. Part of her primary role is to find new talent and cultivate creative relationships with many people in the global industry and attend international animation industry related Markets and Festivals.

Clea Mallinson
She is a writer, director and editor who loves to explore themes of self-expression, connection and environmental consciousness. She has over ten years editing experience and has worked in reality TV, documentary, fiction and animation. She graduated from UCT with an Honour’s in Film and Media studies and has an MA in Screenwriting from the University of Ireland, Galway.