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Hugh Welchman Retrospective

Hugh Welchman, Dorota Kobiela / UK – Poland / 94’ / 2016

Loving Vincent is the first feature film entirely painted on canvas.  The film consists of thousands of images painted on canvas in Van Gogh’s style. These were painted by a team of 125 artists who worked for months to achieve results which were both original and of great impact. Created by the studio BreakThru Films, author of the famous animated short film Peter and Wolf, the film, which is based on about one hundred and twenty paintings and eight hundred documents, tells the story of the the Dutch artist’s life up to his mysterious death at the age of 37 which was filed as a suicide case.

Suzie Templeton / UK – Poland – Norway / 32’ / 2006

Directed by: Suzie Templeton; Adaptation: Suzie Templeton, Marianela Maldonado; Animation: Adam Wyrwas; Music: Sergei Prokofiev; Editing: Suzie Templeton, Tony Fish; Produced by: Alan Dewhurst, Hugh Welchman.

Peter and the Wolf, reproposes Sergei Prokofiev’s work of the same name, one of the most important composers of the twentieth century. It is adapted and directed by the talented animator Suzie Templeton. It’s the story of a boy who lives with his grandfather on the edge of a dark forest in Russia. Peter’s only friends are a lively little bird and a duck, who guide him on an adventure beyond his home fence. When a wolf comes out from the forest and devours the duck, Peter finds extraordinary courage and captures the ferocious animal. In the end he frees the wolf, which returns to the forest. The film (produced by BreakThru Films) received the Oscar for the best animated short film in 2008, the BAFTA prize and the Grand Prix and Audience Award at the 2007 Annecy Animation Festival.