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How Lovely! / Che Meraviglia!

Milena Tipaldo, Alessandra Atzori, Mira Video
Italy | 2020 | 1’

How Lovely! is the story of children’s emotions during the first Covid-19 lockdown. For the first time we had to stay at home, we had to stay far away from each other. However, this sudden empty time full of fears, also creates a place to play with imagination. Through a child’s eyes, we discover again the ability to observe with wonder small household events.

Director: Milena Tipaldo, Alessandra Atzori, Mira Video
Writer: Milena Tipaldo, Alessandra Atzori
Music: Olmo Martellacci

Milena Tipaldo, Alessandra Atzori

Milena Tipaldo, Alessandra Atzori, Mira Video 
Mira is the name of a collective composed of Alessandra Atzori and Milena Tipaldo. They work with audiovisual putting together different techniques, languages and supports: live action, classical and digital animation, stop motion, cut out, Augmented reality and other. Mira in Italian means purpose, target. Where desire aims… also the verb mirare is the act of observing with wonder and to watch with care. Their “mira” is to create bridges between the different areas of knowledge, and between knowledge and the community, to open and unblock a dialogue, using the power of the moving image and the pleasure of watching a short film.