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How I overcame my fear of Humans

Helene Ducrocq
France | 2020 | 9’ national premiere

Dedaliah is a spider. Near death, she wonders: if she hadn’t been so afraid of humans, could she have gone to New York with her best friend?

Director, Script, Graphic design, Sets: Helene Ducrocq
Animation: Helene Ducrocq, Thibault Petrissans
Editing: Jean-Pierre Poirel
Compositing: Thibault Petrissans
Sound design: Jean-Baptiste Cornier
Sound Editing: Axel Demeyere
Music: Nathanael Bergese
Voice cast: Gaelle Gourvennec, Marie Vaiana

Helene Ducrocq

Born on May 26th 1981, in Lille (France), Helene Ducrocq graduated from La Poudrière animation school in 2006. Since then, she has experimented various animation techniques in short films, music videos, corporate films and TV series. Since 2011, she has worked as a creative director at the agency “Citron Bien”. Helene Ducrocq produces short films full of poetry, music and wild animals.