Daniel Szczechura – Poland, 1968 / 7’

The film was made in the year of the student revolt against totalitarian rule in 1968. Hobby links  drawing and cut-out techniques. It is a grotesque story about female possessiveness, but simultaneously a metaphor of political enslavement and a fight for freedom. The film was awarded in Oberhausen.

Daniel Szczechura (1930). He graduated from Warsaw University with a degree in Art History and in Cinematography at the School of Cinema in Łódź. He is a scriptwriter, director of animation and documentaries, and was a Professor at The Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw for many years.  In the 1960s, Szczechura, linked to the circle of the Studencki Teatr Satyryków (the Student Theatre of Satirists) during his studies, became one of the most important artists of the Polish School of Animation. His animation has evolved from satirical to philosophical


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