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He Won’t Hold You / Jacob Collier

Daniel Bruson
Brazil 2020 / 5’25” / v.o.

Things rearrange, we miss what is not the same. Animated and hand painted official music video for the song “He Won’t Hold You” by multi Grammy winner Jacob Collier, featuring Rapsody. The fourth single from the album Djesse Vol. 3.

Direction, Animation, Script, Editing, Production: Daniel Bruson 
Music: Jacob Collier (feat. Rapsody)
Creative Direction: Danna Takako 
Story: Daniel Bruson and Jacob Collier 
Special Thanks To Talita Annunciato and Ariel Wolinger

Daniel Bruson

Daniel Bruson is an independent animation director and graphic artist from Brazil. His work encompasses projects for film, music videos, series, visual arts, advertising and animation courses. Created the music video for “He Won’t Hold You” (2020) by Jacob Collier, a song that won the Grammy 2021 for Best Arrangement, Instruments and Vocals. Created the animations for the campaign “Alima – Yes, African” (2020), awarded bronze at the Clio Awards 2021. Created the animated short films “Pete’s Story” (2015), Best Portfolio Film at Anima Mundi 2016 and Official Selection of the Annecy Festival 2016, “Me, by J-Money” (2018), part of the Preschool Poets series, and the music video for the song “Uterine Death And Life” (2017), by Paula Cavalciuk, Official Selection at Anima Mundi 2018 and Best Latin American Music Video at Anima Latina 2019. He has created animation segments for documentaries such as “A Woman’s Place” (2020) by Rayka Zehtabchi, and “Autism Goes To College” (2019), by Erik Linthorst, and for the short film “Ninety Five Senses” (in production), by Jerusha Hess. Also worked as art director for the Brazilian stop motion feature “Bob Cuspe – We Don’t Like People” (2021), directed by Cesar Cabral and produced by Coala Filmes. Daniel is currently working on his short film “Pariah” (in production).