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Grandad was a romantic

Maryam Mohajer
United Kingdom 2019 / 4’39” / v.o. sott.ita

My grandad was a romantic. He once saw a picture of my granny and realised that she was the love of his life. One day he decided to go meet my granny.

Direction: Maryam Mohajer
Scriptwriter: Maryam Mohajer
Key Cast: Maya Naraghi
Producer:  Maryam Mohajer

Maryam Mohajer

Maryam Mohajer was born in Tehran, Iran, just before living through revolution, war and immigration. With a background in painting, she discovered animation after moving to UK in 2000 and got her MA degree in animation from the Royal college of art. She lives and works as animator, writer and director in London.