Girls talk about football

Paola Sorrentino
England, Italy, Brazil 2021 / 7’22” / v.o. sott. eng

What it is like to be a girl in a boys world. Six girls share their own experiences playing woman’s football in a male dominated sport. Their stories are translated by different animation techniques to explore various narrative possibilities.

Direction, Animation: Paola Sorrentino
Music and sound: Daniele Ceciliot 
Production: ISIA Urbino
Voices: Elena Schibuola, Valentina Drago, Greta Adami, Ida Johanne Weberg, Luana Lascala Rodrigues, Heloiza Breno Magalhães Longo

Paola Sorrentino

She started studying illustration and discovered her love for animation. She loves working with pens, ink, paint, oil pastels, or, in general, objects which dirty hands, clothes and everyone around. She prefers traditional animation and paint on glass technique.

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