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Girl in the Water / Ragazza nell’acqua

Shi-Rou Huang
Taiwan | 2021 | 7’20 no dialogues

Contemplation of torn walls and scars reminds the heroine of the ups and downs of love. The story is based on my personal experience, recreating the unique perspectives and inner sense of time that women have shown in the process of heartbreak and self-healing. A total of about 1,500 paintings have been drawn frame by frame by watercolors and pastels.

Direction, Screenplay, Animation: Shi-Rou Huang
Supervisor: Chiao-Fang Lin
Painting Assistant: Chi-Hsien Chiu
Post-production Assistant: Chi-Hsien Chiu, Jay Huang, Huei-Yu Huang, Chun-Ting Chen
Voice: Shi-Rou Huang, Chi-Yang Hsu, Peilin Wu
Painting Assistant: Chi-Hsien Chiu
Music: Peilin Wu; Foley: Yaping Zhen
Sound: Andree Lin, Yaping Zhen, Peilin Wu
Score Mixer: Peilin Wu
Music: Cheryl Gelover, Tom Murray
Production: Shi-Rou Huang

Shi-Rou Huang

Shi-Rou is a freelance animation director and illustrator. Specializing in cel-animation, she often finds herself deep-diving into the female consciousness. Beneath the gentle and cloud-like colors of her work lies the poetic and visceral storytelling that defines this young and talented soul.