Genius Loci

Adrien Merigeau
France, 2019 / 16’20 / national preview / v.o. sott. it

One night, Reine, a young loner, sees within the urban chaos a mystical oneness that seems alive, like some sort of guide.

Direction: Adrien Mérigeau 
Script: Adrien Mérigeau, Nicolas Pleskof
Animators: Celine Devaux, Camille Chao, Alan Holly, Hefang Wei, Chenghua Yang, Hippolyte Cupillard, Camille Monnier
Editing: Adrien Mérigeau, Nicolas Pleskof
Soundtrack: Théo Mérigeau
Production: Kazak Productions, Amaury Ovise, Folimage
Technique used: Drawing on paper, 2D Computer, Photocopies


Adrien Mérigeau

After studying animation at the French animation school EMCA from 2001 to 2004, Adrien Mérigeau first worked in Cartoon Saloon in Ireland as Background Supervisor on the Oscar nominated feature film The Secret of Kells by Tomm Moore (2009). Then he directed his first short film Old Fangs (2010), and worked as Art Director on Cartoon Saloon’s second Oscar nominated film Song of the Sea by Tomm Moore (2014). Adrien moved back to France in 2015 and started to work with Kazak Productions on his second short film Genius Loci, completed in October 2019.

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