Gaea and Aether

May Stathopoulou
Greece 2019 / 4’42”

When the fertile Earth and the celestial Aether meet each other, a dance starts to unfold. By taking human form, they interact, feel and create, thus playing their part in the Nature’s rebirth circle.

Direction, Animation: May Stathopoulou
Writer: May Stathopoulou
Production: University of West Attica

May Stathopoulou

May Stathopoulou has stuEndied Graphic Design at University of West Attica, emphasizing on animation, illustration and the world of books, whilst she enjoys dancing, gymnastics, astronomy, theater and medieval larp. Gaea and Aether is her first animation film, which she accomplished with supervising professor Spyros Siakas. Her interests include communicating with young people in topics related to nature, environment and human relationships and behaviours.

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