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    Furor Hermético

    Exhibition and video installation by Damián Alquichire

    Furor Hermético is a journey through the work of Damián Alquichire, an exhibition that arises from the artist’s visceral relationship with his self, a compulsive, energetic, obscure work that seeks to capture time, frame by frame, second by second. The entire work is an aesthetic reflection on time, matter and movement. The artist from Bumangués, in fact, uses animation as an artistic expression, ranging between different styles and techniques. After having recently been inaugurated at the MAMB – Museum of Modern Art of Bucaramanga in Colombia, the exhibition will be presented by the Animaphix Festival in the Guttuso Museum of Bagheria, with an exhibition of 8 paintings from La Serie Negra and 50 oil drawings on paper, which constitute some frames of the short film The Chimerical Museum of Shifting Shapes, awarded as Best Short Film at DOKUFEST in Kosovo, which will be presented together with the artistic short films Carbograma and 333.

    Paintings, animation, editing: Damián Alquichire
    In collaboration with: Vortex Voltak

    Damián Alquichire

    Damián Alquichire earned a BFA in Visual Arts at the National University of Colombia, Bogotá. He studied film and animation at the KHM in Cologne, Germany. He has stood out understanding animation as an ARTISTIC EXPRESSION that unites various disciplines and techniques. In his personal work, he uses animation as an artistic expression to communicate topics that he is passionate about: the relationship of matter with time, movement, mystery, other dimensions and chaos, among others. Following these personal obsessions, he has produced, directed and animated three short films which have been exhibited at various festivals, museums and galleries around the world. Furor Hermético is his first major retrospective.