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    From our side | In quanto a noi

    Simone Massi
    Italy | 2022 | 5’00 v.o. sub. ENG

    History flows, the darkness wets our clothes.

    Direction, script, animation: Simone Massi
    Music: Stefano Sasso
    Voice over: Wim Wenders
    Production: Nie Wiem, Simone Massi, Francesco Appoggetti
    Distribution: Varicoloured

    Simone Massi

    After getting his degree in Animated Cinema from the State Institute of Fine Arts of Urbino, has become an independent animator. He has conceived and created (alone and entirely by hand) about ten small animated films that have been shown in 60 countries and have collected over 200 awards. Winner of a David di Donatello 2012 for best short film and of four Silver Ribbons in 2014, 2015 and 2023 (double prize as it was awarded to two different short films).