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    Friendly fire | Fuoco amico

    Tom Koryto Blumen
    Israel | 2022 | 6’14 No dialogues

    A friendly soccer game between an Israeli soldier and a Palestinian boy that takes place on the West Bank barrier starts to escalate into an uneven battle. The film was painted frame by frame on the wall and became part of the ongoing conflict by staining the wall with over a hundred litres of paint.

    Direction, animation: Tom Koryto Blumen
    Production: Ind.

    Tom Koryto Blumen

    Tom Koryto Blumen is an animation creator from Israel, in his works he aspires to create a connection between format and context by using specific locations.
 His graduation film “Friendly Fire”, shows a unique animation technique which he developed in order to mix together his passion for graffiti and animation.