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Marc William Zanghi Solo Exhibition

William Marc Zanghi transfigures the landscape, but his fantastical vein is expressed through a gradual slippage from the figurative dimension of representation, toward an ambiguous abstraction, dominated by liquid backgrounds and magmatic morphologies. His landscapes look like hallucinated, psychedelic visions that dissolve the geography of valleys, rivers, mountains and lakes into a slippery, perpetually mobile plasma. His is a painting that unravels the spatial limits of the landscape, fluidizing its contours and dissolving them into multi-chromatic haloes or zones of liquefied pigment on which enigmatic animal presences or strange figures of monsters stand out.

It seems obvious that Zanghi’s landscape is above all a mental projection, a virtual construction that adumbrates otherwise inexpressible moods and sensations and that, at the same time, takes the form of an exploration of the hypothetical and the plausible, of what inevitably escapes the narrative logic of figurative painting. (Ivan Quaroni)

Enamel on cardboard 20×30 cm

William Marc Zanghi

William Marc Zanghi, was born in Wichita (Kansas) USA in 1972. He studied Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Palermo where he received his degree. Since 2004 he has participated in numerous exhibitions including: Cairo Prize, Venice Art Biennial (Academy Pavilion), Antonio Colombo Arte Contemporanea in Milan, Bonelli Arte Contemporanea in Mantua; and has to his credit solo exhibitions both in Italy, at BonelliLab, Villa Manin Passariano di Codroipo, and abroad at MITO Contemporary Art Gallery in Barcelona (Spain), Galerie Binz & Kràmer in Cologne.