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    Family portrait | Ritratto di famiglia

    Lea Vidakovic
    Croatia | 2023 | 14’35 No Dialogues Italian Preview

    As Austro-Hungary teeters on collapse, Andras and his daughter are taken aback by the visit from Andras’ brother, Zoltan, who comes accompanied by his large family.

    Direction: Lea Vidakovic
    Animation: Marion Le Guillou, Bilitis Levillain, Viollete Delvoye
    Editing: Iva Kraljevic
    DOP: Lea Vidakovic, Damien Buquen; Animatic: Zlatko Zlatkovic, Iva Kraljevic
    Sound: Zoran Maksimovic
    Music: Miroslav Jovancic
    Production: Adriatic Animation, Vivement Lundi, Biberche Productions
    Distribution: Varicoloured

    Lea Vidakovic

    Lea Vidakovic is a multimedia artist, who works in the field of animated installations, expanded media practices and traditional puppet animation. Her research interests include fragmented narratives and storytelling approaches for animated installations, expanded cinema and storytelling. She has exhibited internationally at more than 200 animation festivals, and is a winner of several art and film awards.