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Everything that stays in the surface dies / Tutto ciò che rimane in superficie muore

Carina Pierro Corso
Portugal | 2022 | 3’15 Italian preview v.o. sott. ENG/ITA

Between drowning and learning to swim, we follow the internal conflicts of a Self who will talk about the experience of being human and facing wounds.

Direction, Screenpaly, Animation, Editing: Carina Pierro Corso
Sound design: Alexandre Ventana
Production: Carina Pierro Corso
Distribution: Jaime Neves

Carina Pierro Corso

Carina is a multimedia artist guaduated in Visual Arts at UNICAMP (University of Campinas), and a master’s student in Sound and Image with a specialization in Animation (EA-UCP). Her works are permeated by the interest in creating bodily, affective and intimate relationships with spectators, always with a special attention to the materialises she uses.