Wszystko jest liczbą / Everything Is a Number

Stefan Schabenbeck – Poland, 1966 / 7’30

The film was awarded for the best debut during the Oberhausen festival. A man in a ball falls down on the earth. He finds himself in world dominated by numbers, equations, and geometrical figures. When others are merging into the crowd of the Number Ones, the man decides to change into one of them. He finally wants to belong to the community.

Stefan Schabenbeck (1940). Graduated from the film school in Łódź. He is a scriptwriter, director of cartoons and puppet animation. He represents a philosophical trend (Neo-Pythagorism, particularly) in the second generation of the Polish School of Animation. He emigrated from Poland in 1970 after achieving success in the 1960s. He focuses on the pedagogical work in film schools.


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