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Katalin Egely
Hungary, Argentina 2018 / 4’

The subject of Euphoria  is the old paradox between man and nature. People had long ago cut themselves off of their natural environment and have suffered since from this division, the lack of the essential feeling of unity and belonging.

Animation, direction, photography, editing: Katalin Egely
Music: Chancha vía Circuito
Sound: Pedro Canale

Katalin Egely

Katalin Engely (1988) graduated in Animation from the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design (MOME) in Budapest. Besides short films and animated scenes for documentaries her focus is primarily on making music videos. Music videos because instead of narrative story-telling she can create visual poetry based on associative images. Documentaries because with animation it’s possible to express the subjective, invisible part. When she finished university in Hungary, she moved to Buenos Aires where she studied and worked but after more than one year she started to miss the connection with nature so she started to travel in South America for another year. The music from there always had a strong influence on her, so strong that it was one of the most important reason to move there. It is the inspiration for her. Currently she is based in Budapest, she is making animated short films and teaching traditional animation and Spanish.