En rang par deux

Elisabetta Bosco, Margherita Giusti, Viola Mancini
Italy, 2020 / 6’51 / international preview / v.o. sott. eng.

The idea for the film came from the encounter with two African boys who live in Rome, and is based on their music. In this film, midway between an interview and a music video, Afif, originally from Tunisia and Aliou, from Senegal, tell their different stories, talk about friendship, immigration, freedom and, above all, about the fundamental value of making music together.

Direction: Elisabetta Bosco, Margherita Giusti, Viola Mancini
Script: Margherita Giusti
Animators: Elisabetta Bosco, Margherita Giusti, Viola Mancini
Editing: Margherita Giusti
Soundtrack: Aliou Diop e Afif Ben Fekih (King Kong Collective)
Production: Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia, sede Piemonte – Dipartimento Animazione
Technique used: 2D animation, mixed techniques


Elisabetta Bosco

Margherita Giusti

Viola Mancini

Elisabetta Bosco, nata / born 18-10-1997 Asti

Margherita Giusti, nata / born 20-09-1991 Roma

Viola Mancini, nata / born 28-05-1994 Jesi (Ancona)

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