Igor Imhoff
Italy 2020 / 4’26”

Dummy is a video clip made for the band Hopy This animation, created using numerous techniques which range from rotoscoping to the use of artificial intelligence, is about both small and big daily crises. Pollution, TV and smartphones, now escape routes during lockdowns, feed fear, violence and hysteria until they submerge the world and the future.

Direction, Animation: Igor Imhoff
Music, Sound: Hopy: Lorenzo Della Valle, Riccardo Melena, Massimo Ciancarelli, Mauro Aspite

Igor Imhoff

He is an independent artist who is mostly concerned with moving images and experimental video. His productions, focused on digital techniques, relate to various artistic competencies like painting, video, animation, videogames, music. Such experiences are merged into interactivity and video mapping like the re-enactment, at the Castello Svevo, of Disfida di Barletta (The Confrontation at Barletta), the interactive mapping Promoteo, il poema del fuoco (Prometheus, the poem of fire) at Palazzo Zenobia, Venice, or the recent Anafora, animated and performed live on the walls of the Basilica of Siponto, Manfredonia.  He has participated in numerous exhibitions and festivals in Italy and abroad, such as The Annecy Festival, Clermont Ferrand, Calgary International Film Festival, The Garden of a Forking Path at OCAT OCT Contemporary Art Terminal Shanghai, and others. Amongst the numerous awards he has received are: “Award for Best International Experimental Work” – Cinetoro in Colombia; “Best European Short Film Animation – Go Short” – in Holland.

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