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Dinner for Few

Nassos Vakalis
Greece 2017 / 10’09”

Dinner For Few is an allegorical depiction of our society. During dinner, “the system” works like a well-oiled machine. It solely feeds the select few who eventually, foolishly consume all the resources while the rest survive on scraps from the table. Inevitably, when the supply is depleted, the struggle for what remains leads to catastrophic change. Sadly, the offspring of this profound transition turns out not to be a sign of hope, but the spitting image of the parents.

Direction, Animation: Nassos Vakalis
Writer: Nassos Vakalis
Production: Nassos Vakalis, Katerina Stergiopoulou
Sound and Music: Kostas Christides, Kostas Fylaktidis, Ioannis Giannakopoulos

Nassos Vakalis

Nassos Vakalis is a Greek-American animator, storyboard artist and animation director. He studied animation at the California Institute of the Arts in the USA. He worked as an animator, animation supervisor and storyboard artist for many Animation Studios such as DreamWorks Animation, Gaumont Animation, Warner Bros,  Rovio , Sony, Paramount, Sullivan-Bluth and Universal/Illumination. Nassos received  two Emmy award nominations, an Emmy award, a Annie award nomination, a Méliès Silver Fantasy film Award nomination and an Oscars and BAFTA qualification for his work outside the studios.